Shilajit resin

Shilajit is known as “mineral oil” or “rock sweat”. It is nothing short of resin collected in Russia, Turkmenistan, India, Mongolia, Iran, Arabia and countries of north-eastern Africa. Unlike wood tar, it represents the products of organic activity that reacted with rocks. Shilajit resin is a smooth shiny elastic mass which color range varies from a yellowish to pitch-black; with a peculiar aroma and a bitter taste.

Shilajit resin benefits have been known for thousands of years. In the IX century BC Aristotle described in complete detail curative properties of the product and assigned it to people suffered from congenital deafness and nosebleeds.

Nowadays scientists have discovered that Shilajit contains over 80 substances vital to our mind and body, there are also about 30 chemical elements, amino acids, metal oxides, enzymes, hormones and other substances. It is very difficult to clear up its formula. But we know for a fact that if in any medicine there are usually just a few elements, Shilajit resin contains half of periodic table. It is not a stimulant, but a biological active additive that regulates the electrolytic balance by its components, eliminating both the symptoms and the disease itself.

Remarkable benefits

We offer best Shilajit resin which contains organic trace mineral complex, valuable minerals and metals. It has a lot of remarkable benefits:

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