Shilajit extract

From ancient times people have been seeking ways to stay young and healthy for as long as possible. To that end they used different healing herbs, extracts and oils. Valuable experience gathered over the centuries is frequently used in modern medicine for the treatment of many illnesses.

The remedy that heals the body from the inside out is Shilajit. Even Aristotle, Avicenna and Razes wrote about its unique properties. Shilajit is known in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda (holistic healing system developed in India) for more than three thousand years.

What is Shilajit extract?

The word itself has many other names throughout the world including Mumie, Mineral wax, Black asphaltum, Shargai, Chao-tong, Mumlai and others. Found deep in the Caucasus, Siberia and Himalayan regions, it is formed on rocks during the hot weather periods. Then it oozes out as a thick paste created by plants, soil and microorganisms for thousands years. Shilajit extract is used as a brain-boosting, restorative and antitoxic substance. It’s a great purchase for those who are careful of their health.

What makes Shilajit extract so beneficial?

Many manufacturers produce pharmaceuticals which help maintain a healthy immune system. Here are some of Shilajit extract benefits which other drugs don’t have with the same extent:

Shilajit is probably one of the best curative that saves a person from dozens of health problems and retains beauty and vitality for long. We offer the actual top-quality product. To buy it use “Buy now” button or contact us by e-mail. After payment we’ll send the goods within three working days. 


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