Shilajit capsules

Shilajit is so-called mineral pitch which has been known for three thousand years. It is naturally formed in cracks of rocks and mountain hollows. Even in ancient times, people noticed how wounded animals licked the resinous substance and then get better within a few days. Recent research also confirms its unique properties.

Shilajit is a natural mixture of organic and inorganic substances. It’s a shimmer indiscrete dark-brown mass of an elastic consistency. It dissolves well in water and has a kind of pleasant aroma and slightly bitter taste. Shilajit elements, minerals, essential oils and anti-oxidants helps maintain body and mind health for long.

The most effective option is to undergo treatment with resin in its pure form. But it is more convenient to use Shilajit capsules, Shilajit tablets, ointments and vitamins with the similar formula. The method of usage and the recommended dosage depends on the type of medical therapy as well as the complexity of the disease. We offer wide range of top-quality products; you just choose the one you need.

What are the heath benefits?

Silajeet capsule is a hundred per cent natural extract of resin without any fillers. They are manufactured in close germ-free environment with the minimal human involvement.

There are a few benefits of Shilajit vitamins and capsules:

How to take?

Before use check with your doctor if you experience any allergic reactions. It is advisable to take the dosage on an empty stomach in the morning with milk, honey or sesame oil. In a few days you’ll feel burst of energy and increasing well-being.

Our products meet the necessary standards of quality. You will be pleased with our Shilajit tablet price. To purchase call a customer service representative, send us an e-mail or click the “Buy now” button. Enjoy your package within 7-17 days.


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