Pure black Shilajit

Shilajit is natural mass contains a lot of antioxidants and nutrients necessary for good overall health. It is used as mineral food supplement the main components of which is fulvic acid. It provides it anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties. We need minerals as building blocks for our body to function well and Shilajit copes perfectly with this task.

Shilajit is known by several names such as black asphaltum, mineral wax, Mymiyo and others. It comes in different colors which depend on its content. In accordance with Ayurvedic medicine, the darker mass the more effective. We offer pure black Shilajit of the top quality. 

The main benefits

Black Shilajit has a lot of essential benefits proven in recent studies. Shilajit works on your cellular level to bring positive changes. Over 80 mineral components helps metabolize vitamins and proteins. The substance gives you a lot of energy and vitality; it neutralizes and removes toxins; it is highly recommended as a supplement able to help you feel better. The product d relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Here are some other essential benefits:

Black Shilajit is organic way to prolong lifespan. Take it to prevent numerous deceases and increase athletic performance without any side effects. 

What dosage?

Start to take it with a little at a time. The dosage depends on your age and health condition as well as form of the substance. Dissolve Shilajit in warm water, tea or milk and take it on an empty stomach in the morning along with the sunrise.

We offer a hundred per cent pure products. We are trusted by hundreds of customers throughout the world. Buy the necessary dosage with single-click ease or send us an e-mail. 


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