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Stone oil 3 grams (White Shilajit)


Stone oil can have a beneficial effect on all the sick places of a person and heal them. In the history of China, it is said that in ancient times Stone oil was considered the food of immortal people. In this country there is a village in which one obtains a white stone and uses it for food. People in this area live up to ninety years

Product Description Stone oil:

The scope of medical use of this drug is as follows:

  • liver disease (including viral and intoxicant hepatitis);

  • gastrointestinal diseases (colitis, gastritis, peptic ulcer);

  • therapy of burns and wounds;

  • trophic ulcers;

  • oncology;

  • endocrinology (in particular, pancreatic disease);

  • gerontology (prolongation of physiological activity in general and sexual activity in particular).

  • According to the pre-clinical tests of the drug in the volume of the program of the Russian Pharmaceutical Committee, it was found that this drug:

  • not toxic;

  • not mutagenic;

  • not teratogenic;

  • has a pronounced hepatoprotective, wound healing, antibacterial, antitumor and antimetastatic activity.

  • With the help of stone oil, even cancer and infertility can be cured. The composition of the stone oil includes all the elements of the periodic table. Even silver, gold and platinum.

    This wonderful medicine can defeat cancer, prostatitis, also has antibacterial properties, it can strengthen human immunity. At the first reception of Stone oil, you should use it carefully in small doses. And it's better to check beforehand how the body will react to it.

    The use of Stone oil is reduced to a simple rule. To make a solution, take a little less than half a teaspoon of Stone oil. Dilute this amount of Stone oil in three liters of warm water. To begin with, take only one teaspoon of medication after eating. And the next day, watch your health. If the state of your health has not worsened, then you can gradually increase the intake of oil. Thus, you will bring the medication to three tablespoons. Use the medication also after a meal.

    In consequence, you can consume one tablespoon of solution three times a day for thirty minutes before eating. In this case, watch your health.

    If you suffer from any skin diseases, then make lotions. For such lotions make a solution of three grams of oil for three liters of water. Do lotions twice a day from five minutes to half an hour. Keep track of your health.

    Treated with Stone oil for thirty days, then take a break for two weeks. With rock oil, you can also make baths. To do this, dilute a half teaspoon of oil in fifteen milliliters of water. Perform the procedure about ten times, take such baths in a day. After that, do not wipe the skin with a towel, but slightly blot.

    If you have a malignant tumor or acute inflammatory diseases, then use five hundred milliliters of water three grams of Stone oil. Thus, you increase the dose of oil intake, which will not be harmful in such serious diseases.

    Compresses. Compresses will help with mastopathy, neuralgia, headache, thrombophlebitis. In order to make compresses, prepare a solution of three grams of Stone oil. It's about one teaspoon. Dissolve this amountof Stone oil in one hundred and fifty milliliters of boiled water at room temperature. Then add a hundred milliliters of medical alcohol.

    Fold the cheesecloth into six layers and soak it in a solution, wring out and attach to the place that you are hurting. Then put polyethylene on top. Leave the compress on all night. If you are very sick, you can do the same compress in the morning and keep it all day.

    Do not use such compresses if you have liver, pancreas, kidney disease. Or if you have open wounds. For such diseases you need to use this solution: three grams of rock oil dissolve in one glass of boiled water at room temperature. From this solution you need to do the same compresses. As described above. Apply such compresses about fifteen times.

    Remember that at a time when you will be treated with Stone oil, you should never take antibiotics, alcohol, lamb, pork, goose, duck, coffee, cocoa, strong tea, radish, radish, chocolate.

    When else can you use stone oil?

    Diabetes. There are many life stories that stone oil helped to get rid of many people from diabetes. It is necessary in two liters of boiled water at room temperature to dissolve three grams of Stone oil. Drink such a medicine three times a day for half an hour before a meal of one hundred milliliters. The course of treatment is three months.

    If you have weakened immunity, you can add a little honey to the solution with the stone oil. Stone oil can be successfully combined with the treatment of herbs or pharmacy medicines.

    Many people who suffer from diabetes are already convinced that they will never be cured, and will depend on insulin for life. And this is confirmed by traditional medicine.

    Stones in the kidneys. If you are concerned about stones in the kidneys, drive them out with this solution: three grams of Stone oil should be dissolved in one liter of boiled water. Drink this solution before eating a hundred milliliters three times a day. You also need to take one teaspoon of the root of the madder dyed crushed, filled with one glass of cold water. Give this solution a one-night stand and boil for the next twenty minutes. Then strain, add more boiling water in order to return the previous volume and drink this solution throughout the day. If the solution has been properly prepared, the urine will turn pink.

    Pyelonephritis. Those who work at a computer or are ill with pyelonephritis, you can recommend a stone oil with honey. Take three grams of oil, pour boiling water at room temperature. The water should be one liter. Add one tablespoon of honey to the solution. Take this composition for one hundred milliliters three times a day. Thanks to such treatment it is possible to restore the immune system after the operation.

    After the operation, you can recommend instead of narzan without gas or boiled water with lemon. Drink dissolved stone oil. Three grams of oil dissolve in one liter of boiled water. Take the dose at which your body will feel good. If after the operation you have removed the seams and bandages, apply compresses to these places. Such compresses are recommended for those who had an operation on the mammary glands, abdomen. Or the uterus. Thanks to the compresses, the seams will heal faster. Spikes will be gone.

    From chondrose, dissolve three grams of Stone oil in one hundred and fifty milliliters of water at room temperature. Add to this solution one hundred milliliters of medical alcohol and twenty-five drops of iodine. Add on the tip of the knife a red ground hot pepper. If the chondrosis is acute, then lie on a warm salt pad. But not on hot. Lie so not for long.

    Burns, wounds, bites. It is necessary that the house always had Stone oil. After all, it perfectly helps from burns, wounds, bites of ticks. And if you are bitten by a bee, then you need to immediately attach tothe place of bite a Stone oil. Then the pain will pass the tumor does not arise.

    Stone oil: rules of use and contraindications

  • Possessing an active choleretic effect, the spikelet can do harm with mechanical jaundice.

  • If you suffer from constipation, you should also stop using stone oil - your intestines will start to suck back the toxins that are removed by the oil. First of all, it is important to normalize the daily bowel movement, and only then start the treatment with a stone oil.

  • When breastfeeding, as in pregnancy, this remedy is not used.

  • Children also do not need to apply a white stone of immortality.

  • It is not necessary to get too carried away with this remedy with: thrombophlebitis, low blood pressure, tendency to thrombosis, increased clotting of the blood, heart defects, cholelithiasis, and joint administration of hormonal pharmaceuticals.

  • Some foods are not compatible with Stone oil:

  • pork, goose and duck meat, lamb, radish, strong tea, cocoa, coffee, radish, chocolate, alcoholic beverages and antibiotics.

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