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Useful properties and application of birch mushroom chaga

Chaga is an amazing creation of nature. Growing from a small spore to a huge size, the body of the fungus is nourished with nutrients due to birch juice and various components present in the tree on which it develops. Active components and trace elements – such as potassium, zinc, iron, polysaccharides, etc. – are involved in all processes of human organs, when at least one of them is not enough in the body – there is a disease. To replenish important nutrients, you can accepting funds chaga mushroom. Such a valuable natural medicine can treat diseases of the intestine, liver, to prevent cancer.

Botanical characteristics of chaga

Birch fungus refers to a type of "inonotus obliquus". Most often, the fungus affects birch, alder, mountain ash, elm, maple. This sterile form of the fungus develops as a result of infecting the tree with parasitic fungus spores. Spores penetrate the damaged areas of the bark of trees contain oil, maturing, form a comb-like outgrowths, streaked, composed of colorless hyphae. Growths of irregular shape, black color,with the surface covered with many cracks.

Dried Chaga

Inside the mushroom has a dark brown shade, closer to the wood the flesh of the fungus is reddish-brown in color. The fungus grows for 10-20 years, breaking the bark, deepens into the trunk, over time on the opposite side of the trunk appears the fruit body of the fungus. The tree dies over time. Chaga is distributed in birch groves and forests of Russia, in the taiga and forest-steppe.

The fungus can be seen on trees growing in the highlands of North Carolina, in the north of the USA, in Korea. The fungus has an irregular shape, it is harvested at any time of the year, taking off from a living tree, it is impossible to cut it from fallen trees and dead trees, since in such mushrooms the activity of useful substances is negligible. Store the mushroom is best dried, in a tightly closed container, for this large parts are crushed, since when dried, the fungus becomes hard.

Chaga larch-a tree mushroom, it consists of a mycelium, which, penetrating the trunks of trees, forms a fruit body. It lives for many years, has a hoof shape and weighs up to three kilograms. Larch chaga has a rough surface covered with ridges and highly cracking crust. This mushroom grows on Siberian cedar and fir in the North-Eastern part of Russia, the far East and Siberia. For therapeutic purposes, using only young mushrooms are white. Chaga larch-a good remedy for copious sweating of tuberculosis patients. She also has a laxative, styptic, sedative and hypnotic properties.

Effectively make funds mushroom in infectious diseases, graves ' disease, neuralgia. The positive result of treatment is achieved in the treatment of renal diseases, disorders of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder. With bronchitis and colds larch chaga acts as eliminating temperature and relieving breathing agent.

Useful properties of chaga

Since ancient times, chaga was used by people to treat various ailments. It has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Its constituent substances are real natural biogenic stimulants. Due to the organic acids included in the fungus, the unique fungus has a therapeutic effect on the body, regulates and normalizes the ratio of hydrogen and hydroxyl ions in the body.

How useful is chaga? Chaga mushroom is very valuable as a medicinal raw material. Taking decoctions and tinctures improves the condition of patients with tumors of any location, the body is saturated with vitamins, useful components contribute to the strengthening of immunity. In the early stages of cancer means chagi delay the growth of cancer cells. Fruiting body of fungus is composed of oxalic, formic, acetic acids, polysaccharides, fiber, resin, which improves appetite, relieves pain. Sterols reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

Chaga has anti-inflammatory and hemostatic properties, tannins that can collapse the protein, contribute to the formation of a protective film on the mucous surfaces of organs. Chaga extract has an anti-inflammatory effect in colitis, inhibits the process of malignancy of the rectum.

Found in the fungus phytoncides, alkaloids, flavonoids cause the usefulness of the fungus as a diuretic and choleretic. There is iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium in the chaga. Restorative processes in tissues occur due to the General strengthening and tonic properties of fungus.

Recovery occurs against the background of melanin and trace elements – copper, aluminum, silver, cobalt, zinc and Nickel. The use of medicinal mushroom has a beneficial effect on the Central nervous system. There is a removal of exacerbation of chronic diseases and restoration of the gastrointestinal tract, increasing the overall immune status.

Application of Chaga

The use of fungus chaga helps prevent a variety of diseases. Good results from the treatment are obtained in diseases of the joints, reduced immunity. Shown with mushroom women's and men's diseases are well treated many skin diseases.

Inhalation takes 5-7 minutes a day is an effective and very useful for tumors of the larynx. Chaga helps to improve breathing, swallowing, relieves voice hoarseness, relieves inflammation.

Apply mushroom to treat periodontal disease, eczema, psoriasis and frostbite. It is added to drugs used to enhance immunity, improve metabolism, reduce blood sugar. With the help of funds the fungus stabilizes blood pressure, adjusts the rhythm of the heart, eliminates problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

The following traditional medicines are most favourably combined with drugs based on chaga (in itself, each of these funds has anti-cancer activity):

  • Calendula;

  • Plantain;

  • Hypericum;

  • Calamus.

  • You can take equal parts of chopped dried herb and brewed as tea. In the resulting broth need to add 2 teaspoons of tincture of birch fungus. Take should be three to four times a day.

    As a General observation, it can be added that there are two main methods of therapeutic courses by means of chaga: short courses repeated several times a year and having a long break between courses, and long courses (up to 3 months) with a short break (about a week). Using the first method, the therapeutic effect of waiting longer, such courses are used to prevent metastasis and consolidate the results of treatment. In the treatment in the second scheme rather quickly you receive the healing effect.

    Chaga with oncology

    People have long said that in those areas where there is a custom to drink chaga broth instead of tea or add it to the tea, people suffer from malignant neoplasms much less. Also, for a long time birch fungus is widely used by people for the treatment of diseases of this type. In some cases, it is even used as an independent tool. As an auxiliary method of treatment chaga has also been used and there is a fairly stable effect. No wonder scientific clinical medicine officially recognized birch mushroom as a means of cancer treatment. The first drugs on the basis of chaga already issued.

    According to the results of official clinical studies, medicines based on birch fungus have a wide range of activity in the treatment of cancer.

    However, they are non-toxic. Significant side results of these drugs are not in compliance with recommended schemes and dosages. Rarely there is an allergic reaction to birch fungus.

    But it is important to note, the results of the same study revealed that some patients may develop increased excitability of the autonomic nervous system. Most often, if the patient is treated for a long time and continuously chaga. However, after the withdrawal of the drug based on the fungus, these symptoms disappear almost immediately.

    Patients with early stages of cancer have the most stable therapeutic effect. The General state of health in such patients improves, pain decreases, and tumor growth is delayed.

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