amanita muscaria

Amanita Muscaria Dried caps | Fly Agaric | 25g + Gift 10 grams of natural Shilajit in the form of resin (for each order)



  • We sell dried red Amanita caps, which we collected ourselves and carefully dried. The collection was carried out in the Urals, in ecologically clean forest areas in the fall of 2020.
  • When ordering dried Amanita muscaria, you also receive as a gift 10 grams of natural Shilajit in the form of resin (for each order).
  • We are not responsible in any way for how the buyer will use this product.

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    Product Description Amanita Muscaria Dried

    Amanita Muscaria

  • Amanita muscaria caps were used for special recipes in the making of medicine, ingredients for magic, shamanic rituals & other mysterious things. Our customers make a lot of other Amanita Muscaria ( Fly Agaric ) products such as creams, compresses, elixirs, health remedies, art and ritual decorations etc…

  • Due to the right drying method, Amanita Muscaria keeps its best physical and chemical qualities. When the mushrooms are gathered they are being sorted out and cleaned up, then we put them into a special dryer for 2-4 days (drying by heated airflow at the temperature of around +40 degrees Celsius in professional stainless steel dehydrators).

  • We then pack dried mushrooms into a vacuum sealed packages of various sizes. We store our production in a cool, dry and dark place no longer than one year.

  • Amanita muscaria has a lot of variations! The light yellow to yellow ones are – guessowii, Silvery white with white warts – alba, liver brown with yellowish warts – regalis, pinkish to orangish “melom colored” – persicina, red with yellow to yellowish – whitish warts – flavivolvata, – all of these are variants of amanita muscaria and contain ibotenic acid and muscimol. The chemical compounds in A. Muscaria could be very different and it depends on many factors like: location, soil, meteorological factors, etc. Mushrooms picked in the same forest showed the consist of extremely wide ranges according to laboratory tests.

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