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We are glad to cooperate with you and hope for longterm and mutually beneficial relations.

Shilajit Shop was founded in 2015 - is an innovative production of unique products based on high-efficiency natural raw materials produced only in the Altai Mountains - Shilajit and Stone oil. All products are made exclusively from natural ingredients without the use of synthetic chemicals. Geographical location - in the heart of the Altai Mountains - allows the use of the rich natural resources of the Altai Mountains as a source of raw materials. Collection of natural raw materials is carried out manually.

Production of all products of our store is carried out at the production facilities, including a complete production cycle. Thus, the product is a purified natural complexes of natural components with high purity and biological activity.

The efforts of our entire team is always focused on one thing - to preserve and increase your health, the health of your loved ones. You can always be sure that all of our products have high production efficiency. After all, when you create them used only tested and environmentally impeccable ingredients. Our marketing policy is aimed at attracting business partners in different countries. For the promotion of products, our business partners proposed system volume discounts, as well as favorable conditions of supply of goods.

For more information on cooperation, you can write to us at our e-mail: info@shilajitbuy.com

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